Who we are

food innovation The Food Think Tank is researching the future of our nutrition in projects with innovative companies.

What we do

In current reports and presentations, workshops, lectures and consultations, we will be showing the developments and changes in food and which innovative products will have a positive impact on the future diet.


Contact us if you have any questions, suggestions and if you want to cooperate with us. We are working on intensive projects on food innovations and are happy to help you if you need information and support for your food company.

The opportunity for food startups

One of the biggest global challenges is to ensure the global nutrition of people with an increasing population. We need food products that do not harm our soil during cultivation, processing and consumption, but also conserve resources and have a positive impact on our climatic conditions. We are therefore researching which innovative products in the food and beverage sector have an impact on global climate change and the social framework. We work together with innovative food startups on tomorrow's diet.