Flying SpArk and the the "meat" you should eat

At the moment, 7.35 billion people live on our earth. If the average protein requirement of an adult per day is approximately 50g, this value is exceeded in almost every continent in daily consumption. The US, for example, has a daily per capita consumption of proteins of 90g, with a clearly dominant proportion of animal proteins. As predicted by the United Nations, the world population will develop by 2100 to 11.21 billion people. If nothing changes in today's tendencies of the world's dietary habits, an even greater need arises, especially for meat and dairy products as protein sources.  

But that also means that a traditional livestock farming causes a destructive ecological impact on the environment.



With a significant water and land abuse an enormous amounts of organic waste and the high amount of food scandals show also that animal protein could be harmful to us with an excessive presence of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.


Flying SpArk, an insect-based sustainable protein start-up form Israel, has found a solution to feed the world through a fantastic insect protein without consuming the earth. The innovative food startups produces a high-quality protein powder from the Mediterranean fruit fly larvae for human consumption. The nutritious and sustainable protein powder has one of the best amino acid profiles. It is also full of essential minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium. Flying SpArk also produces a high-quality oil that contains palmitoleate (Omega-7), an unsaturated fatty acid with multiple health benefits.


The company that breeds his own fruit flies has developed a method for blanching, milling and separating the proteins. The final dry product can be used for many products, such as snacks or bakery products. 


Flying SpArk has the solution for a worldwide problem and is receiving requests from various companies from the food industry for its highly innovative products that will be part of our nutrition of the future.


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