The new paulikocht store in Munich

Success with innovative food startup products

The incredibly successful food startup paulikocht has opened its own store in Munich. Innovative food startup products from paulikocht are offered in a creative environment. There are always new products added. Take a look at the enormous variety of paulikocht. The founder, Anja Licht, has created a large product range under her brand paulikocht. Created from a story with the hashtag #paulikocht, she leads her food startup with enormous creativity and an almost limitless wealth of ideas. The opening of an own store in one of the most popular shopping centers in Munich is a milestone on the successful way of paulikocht. Further, innovative food products will follow this year. The many followers in the social networks can daily watch as this productive food startup creates new ideas. In addition to an assortment of organic spices and boosterbowls, Anja Licht will bring a pre-cooked, transportable and shelf-stable "Mealprep" that can be enjoyed cold and warm anywhere, anytime. All of these meal prep products are sugar free, lactose free and low in fat. paulikocht is a success story that you can now experience in addition to the products in the online shop in the store in Munich.


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The paulikocht store:

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