04. Mai 2021
Fish without fish
Education and training with valid learning content on daily nutrition, that protects our planet, are key to nutrition that can slow down climate change.
16. Mai 2019
Fully processed food, where pea protein plays the crucial role. So is this the answer for the future of our nutrition?
13. Juni 2018
The insect-based sustainable protein start-up from Israel
12. Juni 2018
Wine Water Ltd., an Israeli startup, is launching O.Vine, the first spring water infusion with the spirit of wine. Alcohol-free O.Vine brings an intoxicating aroma and refreshing taste to any table.
17. Mai 2018
The incredibly successful food startup paulikocht has opened its own store in Munich
21. März 2018
Das Crowdfunding-Projekt von Thriving Green
16. März 2018
Jens Köster is jury member at the innovate4nature competition at Impact Hub in Vienna
06. Februar 2018
Ein Saatkorn, das alles, was es für einen sicheren und gesunden Start ins Pflanzenleben braucht, gleich selbst mitbringt
26. Januar 2018
Innovative German food startups at our event in Munich
22. Januar 2018
The key to your success as a food startup is the data analysis.

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